About US

Welcome to Royal Mira All Saints International School. It is our greatest pleasure to have you on our web page, We sincerely hope you find our school interesting and captivating. Please, be rest assured that we are here just for you and you are welcome to our school any time, any day.

Royal  Mira All Saints International School is a co-educational citadel of leaning. We offer world standard educational services at the Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels. The college has both day and boarding facilities . We are located at Osozuka Street, Off DLA Road, behind Catholic Church of the Assumption, Umuagu, Zappa, Asaba, Delta State.

We encourage students to be lifelong learners by instilling in them great confidence, respect and a consciousness of the needs of society.

Royal Mira All Saints International School established in 2015 is government approved and also WAEC and NECO accredited. The School  Community places great value on character and moral education as well as on academic achievements. Our unique education ensures that boys and girls learn in the words of our school motto: Dream, Plan and Achieve.
We are goal-oriented and strive for continuous improvement in teaching and learning by constantly upgrading to the latest trend in education. There is a conducive and productive learning environment that suits a range of abilities and learning styles. We value not only academic success, but also encourage talents of all kinds whether in the arts, drama, public speaking, skill acquisition music or sports. Our view is that a kind, respectful and helpful pupil/student, who has a positive attitude to school life and fellow pupils, is every bit as worthwhile as the brilliant scholar, artist or athlete.

Royal Mira prides herself in the quality and breadth of its educational experience so far and the commitment of its remarkable mix of gifted and dedicated professionals. We are proud that our teachers are innovative, passionate and contribute effectively to the wider life of the Royal Mira School Community. The teachers in partnership with the school management provide individual attention that every pupil/student needs “to spring up to the highest clouds above in every aspect of their lives”.

The seed of the lifelong experience that develops among students and faculty extends beyond graduation and so hopefully by God’s special grace would germinate into the Royal Mira ALUMNI. We envisage that our Alumni would remain active in the life of the school community as mentors and coaches, leaving their footprints in the sands of time.

 Boarding Matters

In the organizational structure of our hostels, we took cognizance of the following:

  • Sleeping arrangements conducive to the needs of individual student.
  • Activities and games which will give boarding students the opportunity to use their leisure time constructively.
  • High standards of accommodation.
  • Individualised tutoring to meet each student’s needs and interest.
  • Acquisition and development of skills through training programmes within and outside the school.
  • Character formation through mentoring, counselling, Bible study/fellowship.


Facilities/Support Programmes

At Royal Mira All Saints International School, we are predominantly concerned about the holistic development of the individual child. Since inception, we have been able to achieve this by giving our students solid support in the following areas:

  • Provision of adequate and relevant learning facilities such as ICT laboratory with internet facilities, Science laboratories, Home Economics laboratory, Basic Science workshop, CCTV cameras for security assuredness etc.
  • Fish Farming.
  • Effective 21st Century Pedagogy.
  • Thorough Classroom Supervision.
  • Individualised Learning.
  • Assembly Academia
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply.
  • Co-curricular Activities of the 21st
  • Musical Training
  • Entrepreneurship Development Training.


 Discipline and morals

At Royal Mira ALL Saints school, discipline is perceived as the hallmark of academic excellence and this we inculcate in our students through constant reminder of the school’s rules and regulations, general and individual counselling, mentoring, bible exhortations and prayer meetings.


School Uniform/Hostel wears

Students are always encouraged to dress neatly to school, in the hostel and to other school functions according to the specification of the school as indicated below:

  • Mondays: School uniform (White and Red with school tie, blazer, hat, black lace shoe and a pair of black ankle level socks).
  • Tuesdays-Thursday: School uniform( White and Red, school tie, black shoe with lace and black ankle socks).
  • Fridays: Sports Wear ( White top, red sports trousers with white canvas and white socks).

The boarding students are provided with tree different hostel wears used as follows:

  • House Wear : Check shirt and  army green shorts/knickers.
  • Outing Wear:  Yellow shirt and  army green shorts/knickers.
  • Sports Wear:  Light blue top and navy blue shorts/knickers.


 Assignments, Homework and Project work

 Part of the school’s policy is to give the students home work on daily basis, assignments and project work on weekends, mid-term-break and holidays. It is compulsory for every student to attempt all of the above as they form part of the cumulative result.


As part of the school’s policy, students are prohibited from coming to school with contrabands which include but not limited to: iPods, iPads, phones, pornographic books, jewellery, bangles, hand bands, video games, unspecified uniforms.

Attendance to school

Daily school resumption time for all students is 7:20am. This is to enable them attempt the breakfast test before morning assembly. Lateness or absence from school is vehemently frowned at by the school. Parents whose ward(s)  would not be in school for any cogent reason(s) is expected to formally inform the school in writing a day  or two before.


At royal Mira All Saints International schools (college), birthdays are collectively celebrated by all students and teachers born in the same month. The celebration takes place on every last Friday of the month at the school hall. Parents of the celebrants are welcome to make provision for snacks and drinks for the occasion.

Co-curricular Activities


Day Events Venues
  • Current Affairs/New Casting
  • Breakfast Test
  • Assembly ground
  • Classroom
  • Orientation/Counselling Session for Students
  • School Multi-purpose Hall


  • Science subjects Academia
  • Fellowship
  • Assembly ground
  • School Hall
  • Health Talk
  • Club Activities
  • Quiz Competition
  • Assembly ground
  • Classrooms
  • School Hall
  • English Language Academia
  • Spelling Bee
  • Sports
  • Assembly ground
  • Sports Field


     School Excursions/other functions



Intra-state Excursion

Second Term—Annual

Inter-state Excursion

Third Term–Annual (Mid-Term Break)

Art & Culture Day

Second Term–Biennial

International Excursion

Long Vacation(Summer)—Annual

Family Day Celebration

First Term-Biennial

Inter-House Sports

Second Term–Biennial

 Our Curriculum

 Secondary School

In the first year of the secondary school (our JSS1) the scope of the curriculum widens to include a broader subject base.

The five years of secondary education culminate in the SSCE. Students who have fulfilled the necessary requirements are presented by the school to sit for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) run by West African Examination Council and National Examination Council (NECO) at separate periods within the year.

The first three years of secondary serve to introduce the students to more advanced study skills in preparation for the Checkpoint Examination which takes place in JSS3. The Checkpoint Examination, taken in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, serves to give a better understanding of the students’ strengths and weaknesses in preparation for subject choices in SS1 which we consider as introductory class to the Senior Secondary. Students are guided in the third term of SS1 to select subjects relevant to their respective future career.

The final 2 years are the examination years. The students are encouraged to use the study skills learnt through primary school and JSS1-3 and take charge of their own learning to prepare them for the greater challenges they will face after they pass their SSCE at the end of SS3.


We offer the following subjects at the junior level:

  1. English Studies
  2. Mathematics
  3. Basic Science
  4. Basic Technology
  5. Agriculture
  6. Information Technology
  7. Business Study
  8. Social Studies
  9. Cultural and Creative Art
  10. Civic Education
  11. Local language(Ibo)
  12. Christian Religious Studies
  13. French
  14. Physical and Health Education
  15. Home Economics
  16. Literature- in- English
  17. Security Education


We offer the subjects below at the senior secondary under the following path ways:

Science Technology Humanities Commercial
Further Mathematics Technical Drawing Christian Religious Studies Accounting
Chemistry Chemistry Geography Commerce
Physics Physics Government Office Practice
Biology Building Construction Economics Economics
Agricultural Science Basic Electronics Literature-in-English  
Computer Science      


Cross-cutting Core Subjects

  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  3. Civic Education
  4. Fisheries(trade subject)


                                               Our vision

To be a citadel of world standard education, enhance students’ creative ability and self-confidence, to practically achieve academic excellence, outstanding level of morality and become innovative future leaders.


                                              Our   Mission

SERVE- Support, Encourage, Recognize, Value, Equip

Royal Mira All Saints International School is determined

  • Support each student’s ability to achieve excellence within and outside the school.
  • Encourage each student to have a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Recognise that each student has the potential to learn and apply what has learnt in practical situations.
  • Value each student as a unique creation of God.
  • Equip students to become leaders of tomorrow.


 Our Motto: Dream, Plan, Achieve