Dcns Ogor Iduh – Proprietress



The Institution will help in grooming young stars academically, spiritually and socially into future leaders. We are determined to create a platform that will enhance student’s talent, build up creative ability and self-confidence to become an innovative leader with an outstanding level of morality. We are determined to create an institution where both academic lessons and life practical lessons are taught. This will build up their confidence both within and outside the school, making them well-rounded in all aspect of life.



S.E.R.V.E – Support, Encourage, Recognize, Value, Equip

In preparing students for spiritual and academic success through Christ centered education, Royal Mira All Saints International Schools seek to;

  • Support each student’s ability to achieve excellence within and outside the school.
  • Encourage each student to have a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Recognize that each student has the potential to learn and apply what has been learnt in practical situations.
  • Value each student as unique creation of God.
  • Equip each student to become leaders of tomorrow.